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A few words about myself & my Chianti wine tours from Florence

I’ve been doing Chianti wine tours from Florence for some thirteen years and welcome to my latest website. My previous site is still running and remains fully operational. You can look it up here. Before you browse my new content, you might like to read a few words about me.

I spent the early part of my life in the UK (my parents immigrated from Italy where I was born) and I returned permanently in 1980. However I would spend every summer vacation with the family in Tuscany, so I felt as though I never really left. I’ve been touring Tuscany for my own pleasure most of my life, but my first tour as a “guide” was for my classmates on a school trip from the UK. Though I’ve done many things in between, little did I know I would be still doing the same thing some forty five years later, and enjoying it too!

I did my first Chianti wine tours from Florence as a professional in 2005, when I was an employee for a travel agency. Never having liked working for others, I set up my own business in 2008. That wasn’t the best time to set up a company catering for US clientele, but I weathered the storm and things right now are just fine. Having lived in Tuscany most of my life, I’ll introduce you to the countryside from a local’s point of view. I’ll give you insights you won’t find in guide books, and of course I’ll be introducing you to my favorite Tuscan wines.

I’ve been drinking wine since I was quite young (moderately), it was always on the table with our meals and my parents allowed me a small glass or two. As a Tuscan I don’t enjoy food without wine (we’ll talk about this on your tour), but over the years I’ve become very choosy about what I drink. I prefer water before a sub standard wine, but that doesn’t mean expensive. I’m a firm believer you can spend too much for a wine, especially for the famous names. While the big names are always excellent products, there are plenty of equal but lesser know wines at more reasonable prices. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years hunting them down, and these are the wines I will introduce you too during my tours.

I’ve done a first level sommeliers course, but the reason I think I’ll be your ideal guide is because I’ve been around Tuscan wines for such a long time. Apart from the course I’m self taught, but I’ve been “studying” for my own pleasure since my late twenties. I’ve read every article I can lay my hands on, and asked a multitude of questions to the wine makers when visiting estates. I think they dread my arrival…Oh no he’s here again! Forgive the lack of modesty, but it will be my pleasure to give you a wealth of information on how best Tuscan wines are enjoyed. However there will be zero hype, no exams to see if you can pick out vanilla or cherries in the bouquet, just 100% enjoyment.

I’m a registered chauffeur service, or as it’s called in Italy N.C.C. This guarantees you have the services of a professional and licensed driver. My licensing gives me access to limited traffic zones. This means your tour will start directly from your accommodation in Florence (not from a meeting point as proposed by other companies). Other locations are available on request.

The guide of Chianti wine tours from Florence Sergio Ceccherini with his van

Book your Chianti wine tours from Florence with me. I’ll get you close to the region, it’s people and customs in a way only a local can. I know the best scenic spots and wineries, ensuring every minute of your Tuscany tour will be filled with enjoyment and no down time.

Thank you for reading this far, I hope to see you soon.


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Sergio the guide with his van in the vineyards
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Tour guide Sergio Ceccherini with his wife Glaimer

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