Florence to San Gimignano Wine Tasting

Florence to San Gimignano via Tuscany with wine tasting

Florence to San Gimignano wine tasting
• Pick up directly from your accommodation
• Scenic tour of Tuscany with stops for photos
• Wine tasting at top winery
• Chianti and Super Tuscan wines
• Free time in San Gimignano (1 ½ hours)
• Light lunch at a local restaurant
• Private recent model minivan with AC.

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If we’re going to travel from Florence to San Gimignano we can take the fast, but oh so boring highway. Alternatively we can take a scenic drive through Tuscany and enjoy the world renowned countryside. While we’re there, why not stop for a tasting of Chianti and Super Tuscan wines too? So read on, here’s the proposal for today’s tour.

Travelling from Florence to San Gimignano

Florence to San Gimignano Via Tuscany

My guests over the years have elected San Gimignano the best city to visit after Florence. But a visit to Tuscany isn’t complete without witnessing the beauty of the world famous countryside. This also means we’re in the land of Chianti and Super Tuscan wines. So today it’s a full immersion in the best of Tuscany… a slow paced drive with stops for photos, a sit down wine tasting at the top winery from my “Wine Lover’s Tour,” and San Gimignano for a one and a half hour visit in free time.

We depart directly from your accommodation in Florence at 09:15. After forty minutes we’ll be immersed in the beauty of Tuscany. Hills, vineyards, olive orchards and centuries old farmhouses will form one of the most gorgeous backdrops for your holiday photos. We’ll make a number of stops during the morning, and I know all the right places.

Late morning we arrive at the winery for our tasting of Chianti and Super Tuscan wines. The estate is a family concern of medium size. The staff and ownership a truly amiable, and they’ll go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Their wines are pretty good too, and they regularly get great write ups in the press.

Next stop is lunch at one of my favorite restaurants (included in the fee). It’s the place I personally eat at with my wife, when we tour Chianti for our own pleasure. It’s a two course light lunch, with cold cuts and a pasta dish.

We set off for San Gimignano around 02:45 and the drive is about an hour. Your visit is in free time, and I’ll drop you off right in front of the main entrance to town. San Gimigano is tiny, if you walk right through without stopping it takes fifteen minutes. However you’ll want to gaze at the wonderfully preserved medieval streets and squares, so I’ll give you one and a half hours. There are many shops specializing in local pottery and leather wear, and also one or two cheesy things like torture museums. There are always a lot of people in high season, but everyone I’ve taken in thirteen years of touring has stated they were glad they visited. I’m sure this will be the case for you too. Our Florence to San Gimignano tour is completed around 04.15 and we head back to Florence, where we arrive at approx 05:30

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2 participants €260 per person
3 participants €195 per person
4 participants €185 per person
5 participants €170 per person
6 participants €160 per person
7 participants €150 per person
8 participants €140 per person

This is not a group tour, prices refer to private parties
For example: a private party of four people is €185 per person

Road to San Gimignano
Family Wine Tasting in Tuscany 01
View Of Tuscany near San Gimignano
San Gimignano Ariel View
San Gimignano Piazza del Duomo 02

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