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Private Driver Florence To Tuscany

Private driver Florence for Tuscany tours & transfers

• Always insist your  private driver Florence has legal certification
• This is called NCC. Without it you have an unauthorized driver.

private driver Florence Maurizio BelliniAllow me to introduce Maurizio Bellini. Maurizio is a local “boy” being born and raised in Florence…let’s say a few years ago, and he has a truly excellent understanding of the city. In his younger days he studied art and architecture, and firmly believes the key to the future lies in the past. In more recent times, he went back to school to further his historic knowledge, and gained an official license as an authorized guide. He now works as a guide in Florence, but he hasn’t forgotten his pre-existing passion of a lifetime…that is wine. He’s one of the few Tuscan wine tour drivers in Florence (maybe the only one) who can combine wine and history on the same tour.

He married a Rosella in 1977, and has 2 “children,” of 29 and 24 years. He began his career as a fashion designer, and worked in the US, Japan and Europe. However after many years in an office, he’d had enough, so he began a new career as a driver guide some 13 years ago. He also went back to school a few years ago and gained a historical guide’s license. In fact he now combines wine tasting with historical tours of Florence. See here.

To quote Maurizio’s own words: “I love to share my interest in all things Tuscan: traditions, art, history, and of course wine. I always aim to establish a relationship with my guests, not simply to provide a service. Being a private driver Florence isn’t just a job: it’s an endless journey, providing unique experiences and exchanges for myself and those who tour with me.”

private driver Florence MyriamMyriam Buzzi. Myriam is very much a European lady being born in Paris to a French mother and an Italian father. Like myself she spent her childhood back and forth between two countries…in her case France and the USA. Then to add to her cosmopolitan upbringing, she would travel to Tuscany every year for her summer vacation. It was during these trips that she developed a love for all things Italian, and upon finishing her education, she decided Italy was going to be her home.

To quote Myriam: “I’ve often been asked why I chose Italy over France and the US? The answer is simply that Italy has always had a more friendly and homely appeal for me. If you also consider it boasts one of the world’s richest cultures, amazing scenery, and the best food (which I’ve feasted on since childhood), there’s little to wonder. Oh by the way, though the French make excellent wine, I found myself preferring Italian wines. It’s just the way they taste so much better with food.

Myriam first settled in Florence, where she was a public relations officer for the high fashion industry for quite a number of years. She was responsible for the well being of foreign clientele, dealing with accommodation, itineraries and entertainment. Pretty much preparing her for her current occupation as a driver guide (though she didn’t know it at the time). She declares herself a self taught “wine expert” in the sense she’s not taken formal lessons, but like yours truly has been drinking wine since her early teens…moderately of course. With maturity she became choosy about what she was in her glass, and would read all she could to be more informed, while she also attended tastings and festivals all over Tuscany. Thanks to all this information gathering over the years, she can certainly talk with a certain aplomb about Tuscan wines.

So to quote Myriam once more “I’ve have taken my passion for wine, food and the natural beauty of the Tuscan landscapes one step further, and now I take great pleasure in my work as a private driver Florence where I can trnasmit my passions to my guests.”

And also the photographer of my “Personal Photo Shoot Tour” Sandro Fabbrini

Sandro Fabbrini the photographer of my personal photo shoot in Tuscany.

Sandro Fabbrini is Tuscan born and bred and has always lived in San Giovanni Valdarno. He showed an interest in photography at a very young age, and never let go of his passion turning it into his lifelong profession. He opened his photographic studio called “Fotosandro” in San Giovanni Valdarno in his early twenties which was a long time ago), and the shop is a landmark for all who live there. The elegance of his photo-journalist style, the attention to detail and the peculiarity of his freeze frames, make Sandro Fabbrini the number one photographer in town. Those who want a perfect memory of their day have only one professional in mind.

He has an excellent knowledge of Tuscany and great ability in blending people, landscapes and architecture into one gorgeous photo which can be viewed as a whole, or where each element could be the subject. The scenes of my wine tours form a perfect background for unforgettable photo shoots for families, friends or lovers. His innovative ideas give an artistic stamp to his photograph albums, making his work unequaled and the memory of your day in Tuscany unique.

Maurizio bellini 375
Maurizio Bellini of Tuscany Wine Tours Florence enjoying his birthday party
Wine tour guide Myriam Buzzi at Altiero winery with guests
Sergio and Myrim of Tuscany Wine Tours Florence at Monterinaldi Winery
Walking over the Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence.

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