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Tuscany Olive Oil and Wine Tour

Learn how to identify genuine Tuscany olive oil from fake products

Tuscany Olive Oil & Wine Tasting tour:
• Departure directly from your accommodation
• Drive through Tuscany with stops for photos
• Visit to a family olive oil estate & tasting
• Tuition on how to recognize genuine olive oil
• Tuscan light lunch
• Wine tasting of Chianti, Super Tuscans
• Private recent model with AC

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The media are full of bad stories regarding olive oil, and unfortunately many are true. So how can you tell if you’re getting genuine EVO, and not junk? Well genuine olive does exist, and after today you’ll know what to look for. Our Tuscany olive oil tour will take us to a small family owned estate where we enjoy a brief but highly informative tutorial on how to recognize quality olive oil.  You’ll no doubt find the experience of great help for your future purchases once home. We’ll also taste some industrial olive oil too…just so we can note the huge difference.

But this is a site for wine lovers, so of course we’ll also be visiting one of the top wineries from my premium “Wine Lover’s Tour.” The icing on the cake will be a relaxed drive through the magnificent Tuscan scenery, where you’ll have ample time for your keepsake photos.

Tuscany olive oil and bread a popular snack

Tuscany Olive Oil Tour

Our Tuscany olive oil tour sets out from Florence (other locations available on request) around 09:15am, and it’s a forty five minute drive to the countryside and the Chianti region. You’ll find the scenery is one of the most spectacular in the world, so I’ll drive slowly and well make a number of stops for your holiday photos.

We arrive at our oil (and wine) estate late morning and we start our visit with an explanation of the milling process. We then sit down for a brief tutorial on how to taste olive oil, and how to distinguish quality products from mass produced industrial junk. You will be presented with small cups containing samples of oil, and guided through a professional assessment routine. It’s very similar to wine tasting and not that difficult.

I care to inform you the estate is one of the most reputed in Tuscany and is authorized to apply an I.G.P label. These are oils which are tested by the Tuscan authorities both in the laboratory and by a tasting panel. The process is highly selective and only the best oils get through.

Please note: We won’t see any production as milling only takes place in November, and mills are separate entities from producers. In fact mills only provide the service of extraction, the resulting oil is given back to the producer.

We follow with a typical Tuscan light lunch which will be a two course meal at one of my favorite restaurants or a local winery.

The afternoon is dedicated to Tuscany’s “other” precious liquid and after a half hour drive through the Tuscan countryside we arrive at one of the wineries from my “Wine Enthusiast’s Tour.” Here we’ll enjoy a sit down tasting of Chianti, Chianti reserve and Super Tuscan wines. Tour duration about seven and a half hours.

2017 all inclusive price list: no extras required to complete tour as described

2 participants € 255 per person
3 participants € 190 per person
4 participants € 180 per person
5 participants € 165 per person
6 participants € 155 per person
7 participants € 145 per person
8 participants € 135 per person

Check availability or book here

This is not a group tour, prices refer exclusively to private parties
For example: a private party of four people is €180 per person

Pick up from Siena + €70 (per tour not per person), for other locations please ask.

A winery in Tuscany near Florence
Olive oil from Tuscany & Florence
Tuscany olive varietals
Olive orchard in Tuscany
Sergio Ceccherini with his Ford tour van in the Tuscan vineyards

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