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Tuscany Wine Tours Florence an Introduction

Tuscany wine tours Florence guide Sergio Ceccherini at the wheel of his van

Hello! My name’s Sergio, I’ve been doing wine tours since 2005, and welcome to my latest website “Tuscany Wine Tours Florence.” I’ve lived in Tuscany most of my life, but during my childhood my family immigrated to England where I remained till my early twenties. Hence we will converse in  perfect English.  I came back to Tuscany in 1980 and have lived here ever since. TripAdvisor badgeWith me you’ll tour the countryside from a local’s point of view, with insights you just won’t find in guide books. I’ll introduce you to my favorite Tuscan wines, and I’ll provide you with a wealth of information on how best they are enjoyed. I’m a registered chauffeur service, with access to restricted traffic areas. All tours are strictly private and pick up is directly from your accommodation.

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Day Tour of Tuscany with Wine Tasting

Tuscany wine tours Florence taking photos in Chianti

This is a great tour if you only have a casual interest in wine but would still like to enjoy the iconic Tuscan countryside, or if you would simply prefer to spend a little less. Tuscany wine tours Florence is about private  travel, so the price point is a little higher than a group tour, but you won’t be sharing the van or your guide with other people. However for four or more participants, the fee equals or betters those for group tours. Why do a group tour when you can have the comfort and flexibility of a vehicle and driver all for yourselves? The day is a little less focused on wine with respect to my wine enthusiast’s tour, however we still have two winery visits with tasting of Chianti and Super Tuscan wines. Departs directly from your accommodation in Florence: other locations on request.

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Wine Lover’s Premium Tuscany Tour

Wine lovers from Tuscany wine tours Florence at Brogioni winery in Chianti

If you’re a wine lover or just beginning to fall in love, this is the tour for you. It’s my top offering with sit down tastings at two family wineries, and includes guided tours of the cellars. We also have a relaxed drive through the gorgeous Tuscan countryside with ample time for your holiday photos. I’ve been doing wine tours for twelve years, and we’ll be visiting the estates my clients have most enjoyed during this time. Two very different situations (a larger estate and a tiny boutiques winery) to give you a true feel of the Chianti region and it’s wines. A Tuscan light lunch is included and pick up is directly from your accommodation in Florence. The day is for all those who enjoy wine, no expertise is needed; the focus is on enjoyment not technicalities.

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Home Cooked Tuscan Lunch & Wine Tasting

Tuscany wine tours Florence family winery venue at Lamole in Chianti

As a tourist you’re often “stuck” with restaurant meals, though in Italy that’s rarely a bad thing, but how do the locals eat at home? Well, here’s your opportunity to find out. Today we visit a small family winery where the ladies of the estate will prepare a genuine home cooked Tuscan lunch. To make it even more interesting the views are beautiful, and they produce the best in traditional Chianti wines which will be served during the meal. We also make numerous stops to admire the gorgeous Tuscan countryside, and visit a second winery. Tuscany wine tours Florence offers you the comfort of being picked up directly from your apartment (not a meeting point).

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Florence Guided Tour & Wine Tasting

Florence guided tours with Maurizio of Tuscany wine tours Florence

A touch of culture as we learn about the first city in the world for the history of art and architecture, but Tuscany Wine Tours Florence is a site about wine, so lovers of said beverage will be contented…of course! The morning will be dedicated to a driving/walking tour of Florence with Maurizio Bellini who is a local born “boy,” and authorized guide. He’s an expert on all things Florentine, academic and otherwise. Then around midday he will take you out into the Tuscan countryside for lunch and of course wine tasting of Chianti and Super Tuscan wines. The tour is strictly private and departs from Florence, but please ask if you are staying elsewhere. Pick up is from your accommodation.

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Florence Wine Tasting Class & Scenic Tour 

If you’d like to improve your understanding of wine tasting techniques, here’s a great opportunity. An informal half day Tuscany wine class, that neophytes or experts will both enjoy. Wine tasting isn’t as mystical as some would have you believe, it’s something anyone with average senses can do, and today you’ll learn the basics. Once you know what to look for, you’ll  be able you to train your abilities for yourself over time. As with all my tours, we’ll also have a scenic safari across the Tuscan landscapes with stops for your holiday photos. The tour is private and pick up is from your accommodation.

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Personal Photo Shoot in Tuscany & Wine Tasting

Florence photographers for a personalized photo shoot

Here’s an opportunity for newlyweds, families, couples or anyone who would like to have their trip in Tuscany immortalized by a professional photographer. While enjoying a morning amidst the gorgeous Scenery, you will be followed by photographer Sandro Fabbrini who will shoot candid and posed scenes of your day. You can expect about 100 final photos which will be post processed and sent to you via WeTransfer. We then follow with lunch and paired wine tasting at the top winery from my wine enthusiast’s tour. Departs directly from your accommodation in the city, but please ask if you are staying elsewhere.

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Come Wine Blending in Tuscany 

Florence wine blending class being held in Chianti

Try your hand at wine making and take home your own personalized blend. We sit down with the resident wine maker from one of Tuscany’s top wineries, who will guide you through the process of assembling wine from five mono varietals. You will be shown how to use your senses to blend in varying percentages till you reach a result which most satisfies your personal tastes. It’s surprising how small percentages can make a big difference. When you’re satisfied with the results, the formula is noted, the wine is then bottled and shipped directly to your door. Tuscany wine tours Florence means you will be picked up from your doorstep in the city, but please ask if you’re staying elsewhere.

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Olive Oil & Wine Tour of  Tuscany

A Florence wine tour with olive oil tasting in the Chianti region

So much is said about the importance of olive oil for our health, but also that there are many fraudulent products on the market. Today you’ll learn how to distinguish quality olive oil from the junk. It’s not impossible once you know what to look for, and this is exactly what you will learn during the tasting and tuition session at our small family producer. We also enjoy a wine tasting at the top winery from my wine enthusiasts tour, and enjoy a relaxing day in the Tuscan countryside. The tour departs directly from your accommodation in Florence, but please ask if you are staying elsewhere.

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